Cleanup in the Keys

(2019) This 4ocean cleanup tackled debris from Hurricane Irma. I produced and coordinated the filming between 4ocean and NOAA as well as conducted interviews, and was one of the cameramen.


(2019) To help communicate the issue of plastic pollution, I produced, filmed, and edited this piece which follows student researchers studying microplastics in the food chain of Florida's ecosystems.

Toxic Algae Blooms

(2018) As toxic algae blooms grow stronger with each year, local scientists are trying to figure out the ingredients necessary for this disaster. I produced, interviewed, and was one of the cameramen for this piece.


Project Seahorse

(2019) One of my largest responsibilities at 4ocean is to work with all non-profit partners. I develop the story, coordinate travel, film, and edit the majority of them. This one is about the declining seahorse population in Portugal.


(2019) One of my largest responsibilities at 4ocean is to work with all non-profit partners. I develop the story, coordinate travel, film, and edit the majority of them. This one is about WHOI researching jellies and the twilight zone.

Orca Conservancy

(2019) I produced, filmed/sourced footage, and edited this short documentary about the Southern Resident killer whales, which highlights the work of Orca Conservancy in the Seattle area.  


Animal Rescues

2012) This video features highlights of many animal rescues conducted by SeaWorld Orlando. One of my main responsibilities was to film all animal rescues and rehabilitations for the show SeaRescue on ABC.

Mako Coaster

(2016) This is the final video of a 3 part social series I was tasked with to produce to promote consumer engagement for the new attraction. I wrote, filmed, presented, and edited this video campaign which earned over 3M views.

Orphaned Manatee

(2017) One of the stories I followed for ABC's SeaRescue was the the rehabilitation of an orphaned manatee named Blanche. After years of filming Blanche's recovery and growth, she was deemed releasable.


Sonny on the Beach

(2019) To make conservation more fun for 4ocean's social audience, I was tasked with producing and hosting a series called Sonny on the Beach. Each video covers a different topic and engages friendly beachgoers.

Four Facts

(2019) Four Facts is a series I produced and wrote to add more education behind 4ocean's monthly partnership causes. The intention of these videos is to highlight the topic at hand and to highlight company culture.

Gibbons in Phuket

(2018) While volunteering on several projects in Thailand, I filmed with the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket to learn about the issues gibbons are facing and how people can be responsible tourists.


Phil & Grace

(2018) Phil & Grace are the world's oldest scuba diving couple. I was tasked with finding external stories that would be of interest to 4ocean's audience and this was one that I produced, developed, filmed, and edited.

Pulse Remembrance

(2017) A year after the Pulse shooting, the Human Rights Campaign wanted to communicate the message of healing. I was responsible for the research, interview, filming, and editing of this piece.

Stronger Together

(2017) I worked on this video with the talented Sarah McBride. While she wrote the script and booked the other activists, I traveled to multiple locations to film, direct, and edit.


Elephant Forest

(2018) Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary's goal is to help elephants return to the forest from tourist camps in Thailand. I filmed and edited this piece about their project.

Coral Conservation

(2018) I filmed and edited this piece about

New Heaven Reef Conservation Program's efforts to restore the coral reefs around the island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.

Managing the Mighty

(2009) While studying with the Wildlife Film Academy in Kruger National Park, I created this short film discussing the different tactics park rangers were using to manage the population of elephants in the park.